Welcome to Bayeux - home of the Bayeux Tapestry and base for D-Day tours of the Normandy beaches

Welcome to Normandy!  And an especial welcome to Bayeux.  Bayeux was the first city in France to be liberated after the Normandy Landings of World War 2 but her history goes back hundreds of years before this as can be seen from the wonderful architecture and the amazing cathedral.  Fortunately the city wasn't damaged in WW2 so many beautiful medieval buildings remain.

Bayeux has been known as the "English town" since WW2 as it was liberated by the British army.  However, these days it is becoming more and more popular with our North American friends as, apart from being a beautiful city with many wonderful bars, cafés and restaurants to suit every budget it is also now the hub for D-Day tours of the US, Canadian and British landing beaches as well as the start point for shuttle bus services to Mont St Michel.

Studio St Jean is situated right on the main street of Bayeux.  Bayeux itself, although a city, is very easily walkable and if you are booked on an organised tour or just coming for a weekend break, there is not even the need for a car.  

You will find more information about our apartment under the "Accommodation" section of the website.

Go to our "Local Area" page to find out about all the wonderful festivals, activities and towns and villages to visit.  These include the D-Day Festival, Medieval Festival, Son et lumiere spectacles throughout the summer on the south side of the cathedral and in December inside the cathedral, fireworks displays on the Fete National (14th July) and throughout the summer in Port en Bessin (9km from Bayeux).  There really is plenty to do at all times of the year.

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